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Fruits for Quick Muscle Recovery

recA good workout can be hard on your muscles, since the glycogen levels drop with the effort your body makes. You’ll find your muscles less efficient the next time you exercise, and your body will perform poorly.

Of course the best way for muscles to recover is adequate rest, but if you want to speed that recovery along, it’s a good idea to consider the range of healthy fruits that will help your muscles perform at peak levels.

Certain fruits help to minimize the damage done to your muscles during a workout, reducing soreness and getting your immune system strong and healthy.

Start off with a fresh, juicy orange. The vitamin C in oranges is a useful antioxidant, which is good after a strenuous workout.

The old adage about an apple a day keeping the doctor away really holds good when it comes to muscle recovery. Apples contain polyphenols which help you strengthen your muscles.

Strawberries are highly nutritive, and boost immunity in addition to strengthening muscles.

Coconuts are great, too. Their medium chain fats are very good for improved stamina and faster muscle recovery. And coconut water isn’t just refreshing, it is excellent for happy muscles.

Or you could try pineapples, which soothe inflamed muscles and reduce aches and pains after a tough workout. The tropical delight, mango, is also helpful for inflammation, and ginger is believed to help alleviate pain after a workout.rec2

Blueberries help with circulation, and decrease soreness of muscles. They also help muscles regain fitness faster.

The low calorie grapefruit is also good for stronger muscles – the folate it contains is wonderful for the growth and repair of muscles.

Have a banana! They keep your blood pressure at ideal levels, and a healthy heart means healthier muscles. Bananas are good for your bones, too, and since it’s the skeleton that supports our muscle systems, they’ll do you all the good in the world.

Cherries help indirectly – they ensure better sleep, so your muscles will get a good rest after a feast of cherries! rec3

The ingestion of watermelon increases the body’s production of nitric oxide, so the blood is full of nutrients that accelerate muscle recovery. This also enhances endurance and improves the workout performance.

Other fruits that are good for muscle recovery include apricots, peaches, raisins, raspberries and plums.

Now that you know what fruit helps muscle recovery, make sure you put them on your shopping list!