Uniforms for Building Team Spirit

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Sport and physical education are very important to the early development of children and youth. The skills learned during physical activity contribute to many aspects of young people’s bodies and mind. Participation in a sports activity teaches children key values of
Teamwork, fairness, respect for others, defeat as a part of normal life, a yearning for success and working hard towards it, and above all, learn to accept discipline.

A child who takes part in a sport shows a higher moral development than a child who only has his nose in a book, or stares at a TV.Uniforms 12

When there is widespread interest in a sport that is making news, it is the crucial time to encourage young children to take to a sport. People not normally interested in turning on their TVs to a sports channel find themselves drawn to watch because of a team winning in a playoff.

Let’s not lose this passion in our young ones. Let’s start encouraging sports in our schools and with as young as kindergarten children. One important aspect when starting these sports clubs is to design and build team uniforms so that the children will have a sense of belonging and not give up when their bodies start to hurt.

There are many companies that design and build uniforms, and it is not as expensive as you may think. It is lovely to see children take pride in what they do. Uniforms and unity build relationships, interaction, team spirit, confidence and healthier lives.

Teachers out there, please float a questionnaire among your students to find out what sports they would like to play. Once you have a majority and a decision as to what sport it is going to be, research if there are parents of any of the children involved in that sport. If not, you have to go further and endeavour to get in contact with the local municipal and city officials as well as nearby community centres and sports clubs.

Uniforms 06At the beginning to start any venture is tiring and stressful. But for every closed door, there are two more inviting doors that you just have to locate. Many community centres and public libraries will point you in the right direction to get funding.

The first expense would be to hire a Coach. The Coach’s first expense would be to design and build team uniforms. The “fever” would start there!

Contact your local newspaper and ask for assistance – they would feature an article to get all the necessary sponsorship you need. Involve the children’s parents who will do their search for sponsorship from their employers and other connections.

Equipment donations and space are other big aspects that have to be ironed out. Many community centres already have space and it is just logistics that have to be worked out.

Wealthy families in the area, if there is a Past-student Body, the president and board members are all good sources of contact for assistance in fund-raising.

Let’s start the excitement with uniforms, let’s continue it with healthier and children who achieve!

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