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Features Of The Best Cooling Mattress Pads


You might have decided to purchase a cooling mattress pad to eliminate the annoyance of overheating and night sweats at night, but what qualities should you look for when making this purchase? Cooling the hot flashes away has never been easier. With the new technology, cooling pads are used to maintain the body temperature at an acceptable level for deep, restful sleep. Here are the features that you should look out for when checking out cooling mattress pads.


Thickness of the mattress pad

The mattress pad should be thick enough so that the mattress doesn’t slip but not too thick that it disrupts the comfort of the bed. This hhhgggggmay sound self-explanatory, but it is an important factor that you shouldn’t ignore.
It should be cool enough to displace the heat from the body. A cooling mattress pad has the sole purpose of reducing temperatures and should stay that way for the longest time possible. If it changes to hot temperatures drastically, then it cannot aid in cooling the body.

Temperature retention

Check that your mattress pad can retain the cool temperatures for a long time for it to be efficient.Just because it is cool does not mean it should be rock hard. A bed should be a soft, comfortable place where you retire after a hard day. Check that your new mattress pad is soft and comfortable before making a purchase.

Cooling feature

Ensure that your cooling mattress pad has the cooling feature. It sounds obvious that one should enquire if it has a cooling function yet it is a cooling pad. Most people are disappointed by their cooling mattress pads after they realize that the pads do not cool their temperatures at all. Temperature is an important aspect to many people. For this reason, check that your mattress cooling pads reduce the temperatures for cooler summers and better sleep.


jjkjknmbvzxCheck the type of cooling pads before purchase to ensure they are the right fit for you. There are three types of cooling pads namely; active, semi-passive and passive. Passive fans retain heat while active cooling pads require fans for the cooling effect. Like passive cooling pads, the semi-passive ones are heat tanks but require refrigeration to maintain cool temperatures. Of course, size matters.

You want a cooling pad that fits your entire bed if overheating is a major problem If you only need a small cooling pad there are many present that only cover your pillow. Whatever your style is, the size should be a feature you put into consideration before purchasing.With these qualities met, you will enjoy cooler nights for more restful sleep.