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What to expect in Urology Center in South Florida


If you have not made your first visit to urology center, then you are wondering of exactly what to expect. First, you should understand who a urologist is. A urologist is a person who specializes in the genitourinary tract. These include the kidney, adrenal glands, urinary bladder, male reproductive organs, and urethra. Furthermore, male reproductive urologists have adequate training in medical and surgical treatments of the conditions that affect these organs.

Urologist office visit expectationsUrology 01

Here are the general things that you should expect during your visit to a urologist center:

• The urologist has to request a urine specimen from you and therefore you should not go there in an empty bladder. Some urological conditions can prevent you from holding urine in for a long time. Therefore, immediately you arrive in the office, you should inform the staff that you are ready to provide a urine specimen.

• Each urologist visit has to start with some paperwork. This includes a questionnaire to determine how severe your condition is. On this questionnaire, you have to rate some things like inconsistence, sexual health and symptoms of the lower urinary tract. The urologist may also require you to complete a voiding diary for time documentation and urination amounts and exactly when you experience inconsistence.

• After the paperwork, you will now enter into an examination room where a staff member will take a detailed medical history. The examination will specifically focus on the underlying problems and, in addition, involve a detailed review of the other body systems. Other systems can assist in diagnosing the urologic problems. Therefore, you should be ready to provide a detailed list of all your medications, Urology 03which include over the counter drugs, any vitamins and supplements you have used recently. If you think that you may not recall all the medications you are currently using, it is advisable you carry them to the urologist center.
• The urologist will then conduct a physical examination that mainly concentrate on the genitourinary system and also evaluate some other body systems. They will also perform a genital exam and a digital recall to examine your prostate.

• After the examination, the urologist will discuss with you a treatment plan that may include some additional tests during the visit or an additional visit. They may also check your kidneys, your blood count or test your testosterone levels.

A detailed urologist visit allows the doctor to determine the best course of action for your symptoms treatment. One in every six men above the age of 55 develops prostate cancer. The health assessment risks at urology center in south Florida can determine whether you are at a risk.